Harry Pascal

Harry Pascal, Founder of the Progressive Turnout Project, has served as Treasurer and Senior Advisor to some of the most high-profile congressional campaigns in the country. After spending more than 35 years as a practicing CPA, Harry began working in progressive politics, bringing his expertise to help campaigns strategically budget and plan. Harry received his B.B.A. from the University of Michigan and his M.S.T. from DePaul University.

Alex Morgan

Executive Director
Alex Morgan manages all aspects of Progressive Turnout Project’s on-the-ground organizing efforts, and served as National Field and Training Director in 2016. Alex started his organizing career as a volunteer for Jennifer Granholm’s 2002 campaign for Michigan Governor. Since then, he has overseen grassroots efforts for presidential, congressional, state, and local campaigns. Alex received his B.A. in Political Science from Kalamazoo College and his M.A. in Urban Education from Cardinal Stritch University.

Tracy Mayfield

Senior Advisor
Tracy Mayfield joins Progressive Turnout Project as a full-time Senior Advisor focusing on fundraising, political outreach, and local press. In 2015-16, she worked at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as a Regional Candidate Fundraising Director, helping top-tier races in the Midwest launch, staff up, and reach fundraising goals. Tracy has worked on the fundraising staff of four multi-million dollar campaigns and is an alumna of Nancy Kohn Consulting in Chicago. She graduated from Tufts University in 2009.

Brian Koppe

Field Director
Brian Koppe has spent his career campaigning for Democrats and promoting progressive causes to ensure government represents the needs of all citizens. With nearly a decade of political experience, he has worked for the Illinois House Democratic Leadership and has held leadership roles in federal, state, and local campaigns. Before joining the Progressive Turnout Project, Brian established a record of success managing highly competitive campaigns for progressive and union-backed candidates in the Midwest. He received his B.A. in Political Science from DePaul University.

Connor Halline

Administrative Director
Connor Halline, a Chicago native, has worked on numerous environmental grassroots campaigns– from Atlanta to Beijing– conducting research, lobbying policymakers, and educating the public in order to ensure a more sustainable future. He joins PTP eager to break into the arena of national politics and make a significant impact in the make up of our Congressional legislature, which has continued to ignore the threat of Climate Change while preventing realistic solutions from being implemented. He received his B.A. in Environmental Science and International Studies from Emory University.

Katie Miller

Data and Analytics Director
Katie Miller started her political career working with progressive nuns on Capitol Hill, and she has since held strategic data roles for a variety of campaigns and organizations. She most recently directed analytics in a battleground state for the 2016 presidential campaign and is passionate about using data as a tool to win elections and ultimately enact social change. Katie received her B.A. in Political Science and International Affairs from Marquette University

Priyal Amin

Digital Organizer 
Priyal Amin oversees and manages engagement with Progressive Turnout Project’s extensive online community across the country. As an Illinois native, Priyal has worked on numerous campaigns starting as a volunteer for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign and then as an intern on Mike Frerich’s 2014 campaign for Illinois State Treasurer. She is a passionate organizer and is eager to work toward increasing voter turnout across the country. Priyal received her B.A. in Political Science from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Lauren Dombkoski

Supporter Engagement Assistant
Lauren Dombkoski is a recent graduate of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where she earned a degree in Communication and Political Science. She has previously interned on Capitol Hill where she assisted in the fundraising efforts of the 2016 Democratic Congressional campaigns. During her time in Washington, D.C., she was able to help fundraise over 4 million dollars. Lauren is eager to join the Progressive Turnout Project team in order to continue her work on Democratic campaigns.

Samantha Galing

Western Regional Director
Samantha Galing has over 15 years of organizing and advocacy experience, including managing issue, ballot initiative, and candidate campaigns across the country for a variety of nonprofits, labor unions, and consulting firms, as well as for local, state, and federal candidates in multiple battleground states. Samantha has a BA in Political Science from Loyola University Chicago and an MPA from New York University with a specialization in Public & Nonprofit Management & Policy.

Jillian Matson

Northeast Regional Director
Jillian Matson spent the 2016 election cycle as an organizer traveling the country and working alongside volunteers to elect democrats up and down the ballot. She comes to Progressive Turnout Project with momentum from the presidential election and a passion for empowering progressives to create real change within their communities and beyond.

Ann-Michelle Roberts

Virgina Commonwealth Director
Ann-Michelle Roberts was raised in the great State of North Carolina and attended Meredith College, an all-women’s institution that molds strong leaders. As a strong woman, leader, and activist, Ann-Michelle is passionate about women’s issues and having true equality for all. She believes we can reach true equality for all if we elect the right leaders in office. From a young age, she has drawn inspiration from Hillary Clinton stating that she is the epitome of how strong women should carry themselves.

Gina Cruz

North Carolina State Director
Gina Cruz, an adopted North Carolinian, is passionate about empowering communities to organize and make long term systemic change. She started her organizing career as a fellow on Terry McAuliffe’s 2013 campaign for Virginia Governor. Most recently, she has spent her time engaging North Carolinians in progressive political activism in both nonprofit and campaign settings. She received her B.A in Psychology and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies from University of Richmond.

Christopher Smith

Southern Regional Director
As an experienced campaign staffer, consultant, radio personality and organizing trainer, Christopher Smith has managed and consulted numerous national, federal, state and local campaign operations. Most recently, he was the Deputy National Field Director for Senator Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign, where he was responsible for the Field and Political operations in all 50 states and US territories. He has also worked with some of the biggest campaigns in politics including Democratic Leader Senator Harry Reid, Senator Mary Landrieu, Congressman Sanford Bishop and Congressman Harold Ford Jr. Smith has also served in Gov. Phil Bredesen (TN) administration, served as Political Director for the Mississippi Democratic Party and worked for Service Employee’s International Union. Christopher Smith is a graduate of Tennessee State University.

Shawn Copeland

Midwest Regional Director
Shawn Copeland, an Ohio native, has spent a decade working on a variety of progressive candidate and issue based campaigns. Before joining Progressive Turnout Project Shawn worked as a community organizer for a community based advocacy nonprofit, a Field Director for a southern HIV/Advocacy organization, a Field Director for a statewide LGBTQ issue campaign and led a statewide millennial voter turnout program in the 2016 election. Shawn’s passion is connecting grassroots community organizing with smart data-driven campaigns. Shawn is a graduate of Ohio University with a B.S.S in Human Rights and Global Justice.

Don Crampton

Volunteer Coordinator
Don Crampton, himself a volunteer, is responsible for coordinating the work of local PTP supporters who donate their time and energy implementing our in-house efforts to develop, sustain and enhance donor relationships and communication. He does so because of a fundamental belief in the power of every individual’s vote as well as the national promise of the progressive agenda. For more than 50 years he’s served as a precinct captain, pollster, congressional district campaign manager, candidate, local office holder and civic board member… all as a volunteer. It’s his privilege to support the work of PTP.



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