Last week in a secret vote, Republicans tried to roll back House ethics rules that Democrats put in place nearly a decade ago. Fortunately, outrage in the form of citizen phone calls stopped that effort in its tracks. It’s clear that the Republican assault on our democracy will continue, but what we learned last week is that it’s within our power to stop them if we take action.

At Progressive Turnout Project, we’re helping our members join that fight through our Community Action Network (PTP CAN) and today we’re turning our anger into action by joining the effort to stop the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General.

Central to our mission is the belief that everyone deserves the right to cast a ballot and make their voice heard. We believe in the Voting Rights Act and stopping voter suppression. Over the course of his career, Sessions has aligned himself with those who want to limit ballot access and systematically exclude minority voters.  Here’s just a sample of his track record on voting rights:

  • Supported the gutting of the Voting Rights Act in 2013
  • Supports Voter ID laws when more than 10% of Americans, predominantly poor and minority, don’t have access to an acceptable photo ID
  • Supports the disenfranchisement of felons, which keeps 6 million Americans from voting
  • Was denied a Federal Judgeship in the 1980s for falsely prosecuting black political activists and making racist comments

We need an Attorney General who is going to defend our democracy, and Jeff Sessions is not fit to serve.

That’s why we’re asking you to pick up your phone and call the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. On Tuesday and Wednesday they will be holding hearings on Jeff Sessions’ nomination and we need to let them know that they must oppose him.

Click here and you’ll find a list of Senate Judiciary Committee members, their phone numbers, and a sample script.  If the senator in your home state is on this list make sure to make that your first call. Please use these as a guide for your calls and then let us know what happened.

Join us by answering the call today.

-Alex Morgan