For Immediate Release
Press Contact: Tracy Mayfield

April 12, 2017

National Democratic group has five staff in Montana communicating with Democratic voters

Today Progressive Turnout Project (PTP) launched an effort to persuade Democratic voters to participate in the upcoming special election for Congress in Montana’s at-large congressional district. With five full-time staff working on-the-ground in Montana, PTP is investing significant resources to reach voters about this critical off-year election.

“Our Montana staff are already having meaningful one-on-one conversations with their neighbors about what being a voter means to them and getting important insight into how Democrats can make gains this election cycle,” said Senior Advisor Tracy Mayfield. “Republican Greg Gianforte is trying to buy a seat in Montana (again), but big money can’t build relationships with voters.”

PTP’s staff based in Butte, Montana is working to turn out Democratic voters for the special election by speaking to them in-person or over the phone about their plan to make sure their vote is counted.

Turnout in special elections is historically low. In the four special elections to the 114th Congress that did not coincide with existing municipal or federal elections, turnout never exceeded 100,000 voters and was often markedly lower.

In addition to Montana, PTP has staff on the ground working to talk to Democrats in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District and Virginia House of Delegate districts.

Progressive Turnout Project was founded in late 2015 with a simple mission: get more Democrats to the polls. Since then, PTP has raised more than $7 million from a powerful grassroots base of 126,000 donors.


Progressive Turnout Project is a grassroots Political Action Committee (PAC) with a single mission: get Democrats to the polls. They design, test, and execute specialized voter turnout programs targeting sporadic Democratic voters in the most competitive districts in the country. In the 2016 cycle, they raised more than $5 million from over 93,000 donors and participated in 19 congressional races.