Progressive Turnout Project Announces 2021 New Jersey Endorsements

August 10, 2021

Progressive Turnout Project Announces 2021 New Jersey Endorsements

CHICAGO – Today, Progressive Turnout Project (PTP), the nation’s largest Democratic voter contact organization, announced its endorsement of 57 down ballot candidates running in New Jersey’s 2021 elections. This continues PTP’s support of New Jersey voting rights champions, including Governor Phil Murphy.

Below is a statement from Progressive Turnout Project’s Executive Director, Alex Morgan: 

“New Jersey Democrats have already led on voting and voting rights, passing automatic voter registration, securing online voter registration, expanding access to vote by mail, and establishing nine days of in-person early voting. Now, Progressive Turnout Project is proud to endorse these 57 candidates to continue the fight for voting and voting rights in Trenton and across the Garden State.

“Democrats can’t just rely on whoever’s at the top of the ticket to inspire voters and hope that enthusiasm trickles down. To build a movement, we have to do everything we can to boost turnout at all levels. That’s why, in addition to our endorsement, Progressive Turnout Project will be investing up to $610,000 in our New Jersey Turnout Fellows program to hire and train a new generation of community organizers to help boost voter turnout across the state.”

“Historic voter turnout in the 2020 election shows that we have a huge opportunity in November to expand our base and pick up critical seats — if we keep new and infrequent voters engaged. And the way we do that at Progressive Turnout Project is by deepening voter outreach with one-on-one conversations at the door and giving candidates the resources they need to run successful field programs.”

“With less than three months until Election Day, Progressive Turnout Project, including our dozens of Voter Turnout Fellows, thousands of Postcards to Swing States volunteers, and millions of supporters will be doing everything we can to get out the vote, and we encourage all Democrats to get off the sidelines and get involved in this critical election.”

These 57 Democrats are essential to protecting New Jersey’s Democratic trifecta and advancing progressive priorities. 

  • District 01: Yolanda Garcia Balicki for Senate, and Christopher Wilson & John Capizola for Assembly
  • District 02: Vince Mazzeo for Senate, and Caren Fitzpatrick & John Armato for Assembly 
  • District 08: Dawn Addiego for Senate, and Allison Eckel & Mark Natale for Assembly
  • District 10: Emma Mammano for Senate, and Mary “Sharon” Quilter & Garitt “Tony” Kono for Assembly
  • District 11: Vin Gopal for Senate, and Eric Houghtaling & Joann Downey for Assembly
  • District 13: Vincent Solomeno III for Senate, and Allison Friedman & Erin Howard for Assembly
  • District 14: Linda Greenstein for Senate, and Daniel Benson & Wayne DeAngelo for Assembly
  • District 15: Shirley Turner for Senate, and Anthony Verrelli for Assembly
  • District 16: Andrew Zwicker for Senate, and Sadaf Jaffer & Roy Freiman for Assembly
  • District 21: Joseph Signorello for Senate, and Elizabeth Graner & Anjali Mehrotra for Assembly
  • District 23: Denise King for Senate, and Hope Kaufman & Nicholas LaBelle for Assembly
  • District 24: Scott Fadden for Assembly
  • District 25: Jeff Grayzel for Senate, and Lauren Barnett & Patricia Veres for Assembly
  • District 26: Christine Clarke for Senate, and Pamela Fadden & Melissa Brown Blaeuer for Assembly
  • District 27: John McKeon & Mila Jasey for Assembly
  • District 30: Dan Stinger for Senate, and Matt Filosa & Stephen Dobbins for Assembly
  • District 34: Britnee Timberlake for Assembly
  • District 35: Shavonda Sumter & Benjie Wimberly for Assembly
  • District 36: Clinton Calabrese for Assembly
  • District 38: Joseph Lagana for Senate, and Lisa Swain & P. Christopher Tully for Assembly 
  • District 39: Ruth Dugan for Senate, and Karlito Almeda & Melinda Iannuzzi for Assembly
  • District 40: Michael Sedon for Senate, and Nicole McNamara & Genevieve Allard for Assembly


Progressive Turnout Project is the largest voter contact organization in the country. Our mission: Get Democrats to vote. Since 2015, our trained field staff, fellows, and volunteers have made more than 59 million voter contact attempts across 39 states. PTP is grassroots funded, with more than 2.2 million unique donors and an average contribution of $17.39.