Progressive Turnout Project Announces Final Round of 2020 Endorsements


September 10, 2020 

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Progressive Turnout Project Announces Final Round of 2020 Endorsements

CHICAGO – Today, Progressive Turnout Project (PTP), the nation’s largest grassroots-funded Democratic voter turnout organization, announced its endorsement of 30 candidates for U.S. Senate and House. These frontline Democrats are essential for flipping the Senate, and protecting and expanding the House majority this November. 

Below is a statement from Progressive Turnout Project’s Executive Director, Alex Morgan:

“Trump, McConnell, and House Republicans keep blowing it. 

“They lied to the American public about COVID-19 and endangered hundreds of thousands of lives. They’ve taken away the economic lifeline that was getting people through the pandemic, and they’re trying to take away people’s healthcare too. 

“Instead of listening to brave protesters fighting for racial justice, they rant about protecting Confederate statues. 

“Somehow, they decided to go after the post office, and soon, they’ll be out of things to wreck. 

“They can’t be trusted to govern. Our country must replace them with Democrats this November. 

“Our endorsed candidates are the frontline leaders who are going to flip the Senate, keep and expand our House majority, and stand with Joe Biden when he’s elected president. They are going to govern competently. They are going to take racial and economic justice seriously. They are going to make healthcare and education more affordable and more accessible for millions of Americans. They are going to fight for every American’s right to vote. 

“These are the leaders we need. Progressive Turnout Project is reaching out to millions of voters this summer and fall to make sure that these leaders can get to Washington, and get to work cleaning up the mess Donald Trump leaves behind.” 

As part of its endorsement, Progressive Turnout Project offers robust field and financial support to candidates, including participation in the 2020 Turnout Fellows program. Through the Turnout Fellows program, PTP donates $5,000 to endorsed campaigns to fund salaries of campaign Fellow(s), and also provides training for Fellows. PTP also leads phone banks and virtual events for endorsed candidates. 

Progressive Turnout Project’s Endorsed Candidates:

Al Gross (AK-SEN)Frank Mrvan Jr. (IN-01)Alaina Shearer (OH-12)
Joyce Elliott (AR-02)Michelle De La Isla (KS-02)Christina Finello (PA-01)
Brynne Kennedy (CA-04)Quinn Nystrom (MN-08)Kristy Gnibus (PA-16)
Georgette Gómez (CA-53)Cori Bush (MO-01)Rep. Joe Cunningham (SC-01)
John Hickenlooper (CO-SEN)Amy Kennedy (NJ-02)Adair Boroughs (SC-02)
Diane Mitsch Bush (CO-03)Teresa Leger Fernandez (NM-03)Lulu Seikaly (TX-03)
Alan Cohn (FL-15)Nancy Goroff (NY-01)Stephen Daniel (TX-06)
Pam Keith (FL-18)Jamaal Bowman (NY-16)Julie Oliver (TX-25)
Nikema Williams (GA-05)Kate Schroder (OH-01)Donna Imam (TX-31)
Kai Kahele (HI-02)Desiree Tims (OH-10)Cameron Webb (VA-05)

Reaction from Candidates on Progressive Turnout Project Endorsement:

“Progressive Turnout Project understands that politicians should listen to and empower voters, not the other way around,” said Rep. Joe Cunningham (SC-01). “PTP fights for voting rights, and they’re going to help more South Carolinians make a plan to vote this year. When more people have access to the ballot box, our democracy works better.” 

“To win this campaign, we need to talk to voters about the issues that matter most to them and lay out our plans to solve some of their biggest challenges,” said Alan Cohn, candidate for U.S. House in FL-15. “That is what the Progressive Turnout Project is known for and specializes in and I’m so glad to have them on our side, supporting our campaign.”

“I am so grateful for the endorsement of the Progressive Turnout Project,” said Joyce Elliott, candidate for U.S. House in AR-02. “I hope to bring to Congress the values I learned from growing up in small-town Arkansas, teaching high school for 30 years, and serving in our State Legislature. In Washington, I’ll work to put an end to the division in our politics, and help Arkansas come out of this crisis stronger than we were before.”

“I’m glad to have Progressive Turnout Project on my side in my run for Congress,” said Christina Finello, candidate for U.S. House in PA-01. “PTP supports candidates who fight to fix broken systems and make them better — like lowering the cost of healthcare and taking on the student debt crisis. Together, we’ll talk to voters across Bucks and Montgomery Counties about what’s on the line this election, and how to vote for leaders who will never turn their backs on them in Washington.” 

“Progressive Turnout Project is helping my campaign connect with more voters across Northern New Mexico and get out the vote this November,” said Teresa Leger Fernandez, candidate for U.S. House in NM-03. “I’m excited to have their support in this race. They’re helping me get to Congress, where I’ll fight to protect everything we love, our planet, our democracy and our futures.” 

“I’m proud to have the support of Progressive Turnout Project,” said Georgette Gomez, candidate for U.S. House in CA-53. “PTP is fighting for my campaign because they know I’ve served San Diegans with ethics and accountability, and will be the progressive representative they need and deserve in the halls of Congress. I’m grateful for the work PTP puts in to reach out to voters and help them make a plan to vote.” 

“I’m proud to have Progressive Turnout Project’s endorsement,” said Nancy Goroff, candidate for U.S. House in NY-01. “Suffolk County deserves a representative who will use facts and evidence to fight for jobs, improve our infrastructure, and take seriously the threat that climate change poses to our district. PTP is going to help our campaign share our pro-science message with more voters, talk to them about why I’m running and what’s at stake, and help them make a plan to vote.”  

“Progressive Turnout Project’s support of our campaign is even more impactful to our race now in the midst of a pandemic,” said Donna Imam, candidate for U.S. House in TX-31. “Having conversations with voters is the most effective way to reach those that have never been asked for their vote.”

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Progressive Turnout Project,” said Pam Keith, candidate for U.S. House in FL-18. “Together, hundreds of candidates across the country are challenging the status quo in Washington and winning. I’m so thrilled to work with the Progressive Turnout Project as we strive to bring change to the halls of power and deliver real results for working families.”

“For too long, California’s 4th has had a representative who puts his party before the needs of our district,” said Brynne Kennedy, candidate for U.S. House in CA-04. “I’m fighting for a smarter government that makes decisions based on how they impact people, not based on decades-old partisan political fights. From the wildfire and home insurance crisis, to rising healthcare costs, I will always fight for our district.” 

“I’m running for Congress because every one of us deserves the basic necessity of healthcare, to have a livable planet, and to carry our lives with dignity,” said Julie Oliver, candidate for U.S. House in TX-25. “I have a son with pre-existing conditions, and our current Congressman voted to take healthcare from millions of Americans — that lit a fire in me and I knew that I had to run — to protect my son, and the millions of Texans like him. Real change is never top down — it is always built from the bottom up. And our campaign has shown that we can build the kind of grassroots organizing muscle that will generate historic turnout — we did it in 2018, and we are doing it now to win in 2020. I’m enormously grateful to have the support of the Progressive Turnout Project.”


Progressive Turnout Project is a grassroots-funded political action committee with a single mission: get Democrats to the polls. PTP designs, tests, and executes specialized voter-turnout programs targeting inconsistent Democratic voters in the most competitive elections across the country. In 2020, the organization will invest $52.5 million to get out the vote in 18 presidential and Senate battleground states.

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