JOINT STATEMENT: Trump’s “Emergency” Is An End-Run Around Democracy

February 15, 2019
Contact: Priyal Amin, [email protected]

JOINT STATEMENT: Trump’s “Emergency” Is An End-Run Around Democracy

WASHINGTON – The following organizations, working in coalition to reform and strengthen U.S. democracy, released the following statement:
“Donald Trump’s fraudulent invocation of an emergency to justify a border wall is an attack on our democracy. It is an end-run around Congress, the democratic process, and the will of voters; it represents yet another step toward autocracy.
“This invocation of emergency powers with such clearly fraudulent justification is a dangerous precedent that could be used to justify almost limitless future abuses of presidential power, resulting in far-reaching harm to us all, especially communities disproportionately at risk.”

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Organizations: Progressive Turnout Project; Indivisible Project; Public Citizen; Democracy 21; League of Women Voters; Common Cause; People For the American Way, Clean Elections Texas; Stand Up America; Patriotic Millionaires; Daily Kos; Franciscan Action Network; End Citizens United; Truman National Security Project; Open the Government; Coalition to Preserve, Protect and Defend; Pride at Work; Herd on the Hill; NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice; CODEPINK; Center for Media and Democracy; Sierra Club; Our Maryland; National LGBTQ Task Force; Michigan Forward

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