The Blue Wave Isn’t Over

Dan McCready is the Democrat running — again — to flip North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District.

On Tuesday, September 10, voters in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District will choose their next congressperson in a special election.

But since Democrats already won the House in November, you might be wondering why this re-do from 2018 is so important. Here’s why:

The last election was stolen from voters — literally

The short version: Paid Republican operatives took voters’ absentee ballots and destroyed them.

The longer version: Operatives — hired by 2018 Republican candidate Mark Harris — were caught in an alleged scheme to illegally collect and fill out absentee ballots in the 2018 race. Seven people have been indicted so far in connection with the operation, and the Board of Elections unanimously ordered a new election.

The result: Voters here have been without a House representative all year.

The candidates couldn’t be more different

The Democrat in this race is Dan McCready. After Iraq and business school, he started a business to build 36 solar farms in North Carolina. He’s made lowering health insurance and prescription drug costs the centerpiece of his campaign. And he’s also pledged to stand up for voting rights and put a stop to voter suppression.

His opponent, this time around, is Dan Bishop. (Harris declined to run again.) You might remember Bishop from his infamous Bathroom Bill (H.B. 2), an attack on LGBTQ North Carolinians that also cost the state billions.

Oh, and Trump is coming here to hold a rally for him.

Every seat counts

The blue wave isn’t over.

Democrats have a real chance in NC-09 to flip a seat that’s been Republican for over 50 years. And win or lose, we can build on what we learn from this election.

Every new voter who registers, every candidate who sees how successful a Democrat can be, and every vote we have in the House — every single one matters, and we’ll fight everywhere we can.

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