Omaha World-Herald: Why Republicans might knock on your door, but Democrats might not- yet

The next knock on your door might not be a delivery driver from Amazon. In Nebraska, it could be a candidate running for office.

Omaha-area Democrats will get some knocks at the door soon from a group of national progressives interested in boosting Eastman’s chances in the House race. Those efforts were scheduled to start Thursday.

The Progressive Turnout Project, a national $52.5 million effort to get more people to vote this, aims to knock on 50,000 doors in Nebraska’s 2nd District, said Will Mantell, a spokesman for the group.

The reason: The group does not want to cede to Republicans or Trump the most effective way to encourage voters to cast their ballots.

Mantell said the group’s volunteers will have masks, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer and instructions to stay at least 6 feet from other people, and to stay outdoors, even if invited in.

“It’s essential that we get to work now by having the kind of early, face-to-face conversations that our research shows boost Democratic turnout,” said Alex Morgan, the group’s executive director.

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