Midterm Senate Postcards

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Step 1: Choose a Message

We are testing several messages to better understand what is most effective at increasing turnout. All of these messages follow best practices based on previous studies by numerous progressive organizations and experts.

This is the most effective of the five messages we tested in 2020. It reminds voters that voting is a social norm and is widely considered the most effective way to increase turnout:

“Thank you for being a [previous/first time]* voter! Who you vote for is private, but whether you vote is public record. Please vote in the Tues. Nov 8 election!” (*Indicated on instructions)

This message increases turnout among recipients, as well as their friends and family:

“Thank you for being a [previous/first time]* voter! Your friends and family may need your reminder to vote. Please ask them to vote in the Tues. Nov 8 election!” (*Indicated on instructions)

This message prompts voters to make a specific voting plan, which is proven to increase turnout. If you sign up for New Hampshire, the last sentence will be “Please plan ahead!”:

“Thank you for being a [previous/first time]* voter! When will you vote in the Tues. Nov. 8 election? You can vote early or by mail!” (*Indicated on instructions)

If you’re willing to write whichever message above needs the most additional volunteers, pick this option:
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