We’ve completed sign-ups for our 2023 postcard programs! We’re excited to share details about our 2024 postcard programs soon.

Postcards Work

We measure postcard effectiveness and share our results. We constantly innovate and partner with leading messaging experts, such as Anat Shenker-Osorio.

It's Easy

We send you a voter list and instructions with proven messages. For most programs, we also send you free postcards. You provide the stamps and mail the cards to voters.

Key States

You’ll help us rally Democrats to vote across the country, from presidential swing states to competitive state legislative districts.

ORder Postcards

We’ve completed sign-ups for postcards to voters in Virginia and Kentucky! We still need help to rally Democrats to vote in Louisiana.

You’ll need to provide your own postcards and stamps for this program. You can find our recommended designs at Progressive Postcards, an online store that costs less than most sellers.

We’ll email you a list of voters and instructions with message options. You provide postcards, stamps, and mail the cards to voters on the late-October mailing date. (Have questions? Read our Postcards FAQ

Our Impact

Postcards to Swing States started in a volunteer’s garage. In just three years, our volunteers in all 50 states, D.C. and U.S. territories sent 43 million handwritten messages to voters, more than any other organization.

Read our story to learn how we know that postcards work and how they’re part of a winning strategy to rally Democrats to vote. Our 2020 experiments proved that our postcards added thousands of votes in states that secured victory for President Biden.

In 2022, our postcard and Neighborhood Letters programs had an enormous impact on the midterm elections. We continued to innovate and used data to make our volunteers’ efforts more effective. Our postcard experiment with research partners ASO Communications and The Movement Cooperative boosted turnout and won an award from the Analyst Institute. In addition, the Innovation/Under-Tested Research Fund selected our Neighborhood Letters program for a grant.


Key States

We’ve sent postcards to rally Democrats to vote in 31 states since 2020.



From grassroots groups to grandmothers and their families at home, postcards bring us together to rally Democrats to vote.


Postcards Sent

Our handwritten postcards reach tens of millions of voters and empower tens of thousands to vote.

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