Progressive Turnout Project Commends SCOTUS Decision on Census Citizenship Ruling

June 27, 2019
CONTACT: Shannon Faulise; [email protected]

Progressive Turnout Project Commends SCOTUS Decision on Census Citizenship Ruling
Progressive Turnout Project Executive Director Alex Morgan released the following statement regarding the New York et al v. Department of Commerce case:

“The ruling handed down today is a win for our nation and an affirmation of our shared American values. The decision to reject the citizenship question from the census, at least for now, ensures that every person living in this country has the opportunity to be counted, and sends the message that regardless of immigration status, everyone who lives here matters,” said Executive Director Alex Morgan
“While it is regrettable that a case like this made it this far, Progressive Turnout Project commends the Supreme Court for standing up for the marginalized groups of people across the country targeted by this atrocious proposal.”
“It is our hope that going forward, measures are put in place to prevent such a gross mishandling of a federal procedure as important as the census. Progressive Turnout Project calls for action to ensure that federal tools and resources cannot be used in such a damaging way again.”


Progressive Turnout Project is a grassroots-funded political action committee with a single mission: get Democrats to the polls. PTP designs, tests, and executes specialized voter-turnout programs targeting inconsistent Democratic voters in the most competitive districts across the country. Since its inception in 2015, the organization has raised more than $32 million with a supporter base of over 3 million and invested in voter-turnout programs in 130 House and Senate races.

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