Progressive Turnout Project Launches Voter Turnout Program to Make 55 Million Calls, Hand-Write 500,000 Letters to Voters By Election Day

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Progressive Turnout Project Launches Voter Turnout Program to Make 55 Million Calls, Hand-Write 500,000 Letters to Voters By Election Day

Largest Phone Program of any Progressive Organization for 2020 Election Cycle

Nation’s Largest Grassroots-Funded Democratic Voter Turnout Organization Investing $52.5M in 18 States This Cycle

CHICAGO — Today, Progressive Turnout Project (PTP) announced its one-on-one voter contact program, in which staff and volunteers will make 55 million calls and write 500,000 handwritten letters to voters ahead of the 2020 election. This is the largest phone program of any progressive organization this cycle. PTP will help voters in 18 presidential and Senate battleground states make a plan to vote early or vote-by-mail (VBM), and PTP will walk voters step-by-step through the process of applying for a mail ballot in their state. 

For the first time this cycle, PTP is expanding its voter contact program into Texas, which has competitive presidential and Senate races, as well as 10 Republican-held House seats that Democrats could win. PTP, the largest grassroots-funded national field organization, is primarily targeting inconsistent Democratic voters who didn’t turn out in 2016 and/or 2018. PTP is investing $52.5 million to boost turnout this election. 

“Having in-depth, one-on-one conversations is the key to turning out the inconsistent voters Democrats need to win this election,” said Alex Morgan, Executive Director of Progressive Turnout Project. “And this year, it’s about more than boosting turnout — this is a massive voter education effort to fight the misinformation spread by President Trump and Republicans, and to help each and every voter make their voice heard.” 

“Donald Trump is an existential threat to this country. We need to beat him and take back the Senate, and we can’t take any vote for granted,” said Morgan. “That’s why we are talking to our target voters now, helping them step-by-step as they make a plan to vote, and following up this fall.” 

“Our country is facing crises on multiple fronts, from record-high unemployment to extreme climate change and skyrocketing health care costs. We need to win big in November in order to tackle these challenges and make a difference for New Hampshire,” said Senator Jeanne Shaheen (NH). “The efforts of the Progressive Turnout Project will help boost voter participation across our state and help us elect Democrats up and down the ticket in November.”

“The grassroots excitement in Texas to elect servant leaders up and down the ballot this year is undeniable, and we’ve already seen record voter registration and turnout,” said MJ Hegar, candidate for U.S. Senate in Texas. “I’m grateful for the work PTP is doing to translate this energy into action by making sure every Texan has resources and a concrete plan to safely vote this November.” 

“Progressive Turnout Project helped make my win possible in 2018, and this year, their work is going to make a difference for candidates in Iowa and across the country,” said Rep. Cindy Axne (IA-03). “Every voter counts. That’s why it’s so important that PTP is having one-on-one conversations with inconsistent voters, helping them make a plan to vote, and helping them follow through on their plan.”

“I’m proud to have so many Pennsylvanians with me in the fight to move America forward. Phone banking and letter writing are the best and safest ways to connect with voters, get the word out about our campaign to improve health care and rebuild a stronger economy, and ensure voters have a plan to make their voice heard in this election,” said Rep. Matt Cartwright (PA-08). “I’m grateful for PTP’s efforts to meet Northeastern Pennsylvanians where they are and help us keep PA blue in 2020.” 

“Progressive Turnout Project understands that every vote is earned, and I’m excited they’re contacting voters across Kansas to share information about who’s on the ballot and how to vote safely this fall,” said Rep. Sharice Davids (KS-03). “PTP helped me turn out the vote in my district back in 2018, and they’re going to do it again this year. The choice is clear for Kansans who want a path out of the pandemic, a stronger economy, and better schools and healthcare.”

“Progressive Turnout Project helped us win a tough campaign in 2018, and their work this year is going to make a difference here in Florida and across the country,” said Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (FL-26). “PTP has nearly 140 Florida-based staff who know our state and our local issues, and a Spanish-language phone program to reach Spanish-speaking voters. PTP is helping our voters make a plan to vote and make their voices heard in this important election.” 

“The Progressive Turnout Project made it happen last cycle by knocking on so many doors. It blew my mind!,” said Rep. Haley Stevens (MI-11). “This year, all eyes are on Michigan and Democrats need to reach out to every single voter and make sure they have a plan to cast their ballot during these uncertain times. The Progressive Turnout Project’s voter contact program is going to help elect Democrats up and down the ticket to expand access to healthcare, stand up for our public schools, and protect our environment for future generations.”

“There are too many self-serving and partisan politicians who prioritize their party bosses and their pocketbooks over their people. I am running for Congress because we need to expand health care access across the nation, make the tax system more fair for middle-class families, and reduce the influence of corporate money in politics,” said Dr. Hiral Tiperneni, candidate for U.S. House in AZ-06. “I thank Progressive Turnout Project for educating and mobilizing Arizona voters, so they can elect problem-solvers who are ready to take on Washington and give people the representation that they deserve.” 

More on Progressive Turnout Project’s 2020 Program: 

  • PTP is targeting voters in the following states: AL, AZ, CO, FL, GA, IA, KS, KY, ME, MI, MT, NE, NH, NC, PA, SC, TX, WI. PTP projects it could get approximately 35,000 commitments to vote in Wisconsin, 85,000 commitments to vote in Michigan, 130,000 commitments to vote in Pennsylvania, and 200,000 commitments to vote in Florida — greater than the vote margin in each of those states in the 2016 presidential election.
  • PTP targets registered, inconsistent, likely Democratic voters and new voters
    • About 1/3 of our voters are under 35, about 40 percent are voters of color, and about 1/3 stayed home in 2016. 
  • PTP employs paid, trained staff who aim to have multiple, in-depth conversations with each voter: 
    • In the first conversation, staff develop a relationship, get a commitment to vote, and help voters make a plan to vote, including voting early or VBM. PTP then sends a “Commit to Vote” card to voters as a reminder. 
    • Second and third conversations are held closer to Election Day, to follow up and help voters execute their plan to vote. 
  • This year, our staff and volunteers are providing additional voter education as part of the voter contact program — on phone calls, PTP staff and volunteers walk voters through how to VBM. While on the phone, PTP will text voters a link to sign up for VBM in their state and get them started on their application. PTP also shares vote-by-mail application links and deadlines in its handwritten letters to voters. 
  • PTP’s staff are located in 53 metro areas across presidential and Senate battleground states. In addition to connecting with voters through phone calls and handwritten letters, local PTP staff will host virtual days of action specific to their regions — including one for National Voter Registration Day in September and a second day of action in October. 
  • PTP has previously been active in 17 of the 18 target states, and has expanded the voter contact program to include Texas, which has competitive presidential and Senate races, as well as 10 Republican-held House seats that Democrats could win. In Texas, PTP will target 65+-voters who are eligible for no-excuse VBM. 
  • Since its inception in 2015, PTP has invested in voter turnout programs in 130 House and Senate races.
  • Volunteers can participate in the one-on-one voter contact program, signing up to be part of the phone-banking effort, or to send handwritten postcards through Postcards to Swing States. 25,700 volunteers have signed up to make phone calls, and 47,000 volunteers and volunteer groups have ordered postcards. 

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Progressive Turnout Project is a grassroots-funded political action committee with a single mission: get Democrats to the polls. PTP designs, tests, and executes specialized voter-turnout programs targeting inconsistent Democratic voters in the most competitive elections across the country.

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