Progressive Turnout Project Supports Accessible Voting Act

April 29, 2021
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Progressive Turnout Project Supports Accessible Voting Act

CHICAGO Today, Senator Bob Casey and Senator Amy Klobuchar re-introduced the Accessible Voting Act to establish new federal protections and state requirements to address accessibility issues for individuals with disabilities and older Americans. Progressive Turnout Project applauds their leadership and efforts to expand access to the ballot box.

PTP Executive Director Alex Morgan released the following statement:

“At a time when we’re seeing an unprecedented assault on the right to vote, we need Congress to step up and address accessibility issues at the ballot box. The Accessible Voting Act will be a major advancement for voters with disabilities through the expansion of options to cast a ballot, the creation of a national resource center on accessible voting, and new state grant programs to support the implementation of these measures. Progressive Turnout Project is proud to support the AVA. We thank Senator Casey and Senator Klobuchar for their leadership on this issue and we urge Congress to pass this important legislation as soon as possible.”


Progressive Turnout Project is the largest voter contact organization in the country. Our mission: Get Democrats to vote. Since 2015, our trained field staff, fellows, and volunteers have made more than 59 million voter contact attempts across 39 states. PTP is grassroots funded, with more than 2.1 million unique donors and an average contribution of $16.35.

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