Progressive Turnout Project Supports Sen. Udall’s Democracy For All Amendment

July 30, 2019
CONTACT: Shannon Faulise; [email protected]

Progressive Turnout Project Supports Sen. Udall’s Democracy For All Amendment
Grassroots-funded organization urges swift passage of landmark amendment

WASHINGTON—Today in front of the Supreme Court, Senator Tom Udall (D-NM) and his Democratic colleagues announced the introduction of H.J. Res 2, the Democracy For All amendment, to overturn Supreme Court cases like Citizens United and limit the influence of big money in elections. Progressive Turnout Project supports H.J. Res 2, and encourages all Senators to support the amendment.
“In the nine years since the disastrous Citizens United ruling, big money has dominated our elections, too often drowning out the voices of the American people,” said Executive Director Alex Morgan. “Progressive Turnout Project and our supporters urge Senators to pass this amendment to restore some faith in our political process.”
The Democracy For All amendment will overturn Citizens United v. FEC and other disastrous court decisions, help get big money out of politics, and put power back in the hands of the American people. It will enshrine in the Constitution the right of the American people to regulate the raising and spending of funds in public elections, and affirms that Congress and the states can set reasonable campaign finance rules and limit corporate spending in elections.


Progressive Turnout Project is a grassroots-funded political action committee with a single mission: get Democrats to the polls. PTP designs, tests, and executes specialized voter-turnout programs targeting inconsistent Democratic voters in the most competitive districts across the country. Since its inception in 2015, the organization has raised more than $32 million with a supporter base of over 3 million and invested in voter-turnout programs in 130 House and Senate races.

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