Rising Up with Sonali: Amid pandemic, a return to old-fashioned voter turnout

FEATURING ALEX MORGAN – The US Supreme Court in a 6-3 ruling on Thursday affirmed that former felons in Florida will not have the right to vote if they have not paid off all fines related to their incarceration. Florida residents had passed a ballot measure to allow voting in this demographic but Republican state lawmakers stopped its implementation in just one of many ways in which the conservative party has worked to block voting. 

Now, as the nation struggles with an exploding coronavirus pandemic, many fear that in spite of low poll numbers President Donald Trump could eke out a win in November if not enough voters turn out. 

“Do you see this as a voter suppression tactic?” asked Sonali.

“Absolutely,” said Alex Morgan. “This has been an uphill battle for so long, all through the 2018 election there was a real effort to get this on the ballot. Ever since it passed, the Republicans have fought tooth and nail to gut the law and ensure that folks aren’t able to cast their ballot.”

Listen/watch the full interview online.

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