Rising Up with Sonali: Why Amy Coney Barrett is a threat to progress

This week marks four days of Senate confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as Senators from both major parties ask questions of the 48-year old Antonin Scalia protégé.  

Barrett has remained elusive of her positions on many critical issues including the Presidential election, abortion, and the Affordable Care Act. But a new study of her past rulings as a federal judge offer some guidance as to what sort of Supreme Court justice she would make and the results are bad news for workers, immigrants, and consumers. 

“There is so much that is troubling about this whole process,” said Executive Director Alex Morgan. “Voters are already voting. More than 11 million people have cast their ballots already. This is something we’re hearing about in our conversations that we’ve been having with voters- corruption is the number one issue we’re hearing about.”

“We have so many issues that we know are tied up in the courts right now as it relates to absentee ballots and secrecy envelopes,” said Morgan. “These are all things the Supreme Court is more likely to hear in the upcoming weeks, and that should be concerning to everyone who cares about free and fair elections in America.”

Listen to the full interview online.

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