Wisconsin Target Voters Breakdown

In Wisconsin, Progressive Turnout Project is opening seven field offices in La Crosse, Madison, Appleton, Milwaukee, and Racine/Kenosha. Our 73 field staff will focus on turning out voters for just one race: the Presidency.

Our 304,000 target voters in Wisconsin include:

  • 67,000 voters under 35
  • 67,000 non-white voters, including
    • 43,000 African-American voters
    • 17,000 Latinx voters
    • 6,000 AAPI voters
  • 154,000 women voters
  • 59,000 voters who skipped both the 2016 and 2018 elections
Voter turnout history2016 turnout rate2018 turnout rate
Our target voters54.86%46.59%
All Wisconsin voters67.34%61.70%

Projected impact in Wisconsin

We project boosting turnout by 30,409 voters — that is, new voters who wouldn’t otherwise have turned out. This number is based on data from our 2018 programs, which created an average boost of 10.4%.

What would that look like in Wisconsin?

ElectionVote Margin
2016 Presidential-22,748 (loss)
2018 Gubernatorial+29,277 (win)
2020 Presidential (projected)+7,661 (win)