Our Mission

Rally Democrats to vote

Progressive Turnout Project is dedicated to mobilizing the Democratic Party and defending democracy. Our voter turnout initiatives are solely focused on motivating Democrats to exercise their right to vote.

We have ruthlessly focused on field since 2015. In the 2022 electoral cycle, we pivoted to emphasize lean, innovative voter contact approaches that allowed us to connect with inconsistent Democratic voters at their doors, through personal networks and via mail sent to their homes, through smart, cost-effective strategies.

In 2021–22, we are proud to have played a role in electing 793 Democrats up and down the ballot, expanding our U.S. Senate majority and building in-state power to cement progressive priorities.

PTP will continue to update the Democratic playbook and test new ways to reach more voters that traditional tactics can’t reach. Year after year, cycle after cycle, we will work towards the advancement of Democrats and democracy itself.

Winning in Georgia requires consistency and dedication. Progressive Turnout Project’s long-term support in Georgia and efforts to connect with inconsistent Democratic voters made a real difference in critical races across the state.” — Rep. Nikema Williams, GA–05

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Data-driven organizing

Distributed Organizing

→ AZ, GA, NC, NH, NV, PA, WI

We recruited 981 Field Representatives and provided them with resources and tools they need to rally Democratic voters in their own rural and exurban communities. 

Traditional canvassing work is centered on a field office, usually in an urban or suburban population center. The density makes this work more cost-effective, but also means some areas are become saturated with field programs while others are passed over. Distributed Organizing brings the power of in-person voter contact to rural areas where traditional canvassing would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

Field Representatives requested turfs as they needed them and received support for any issues they encountered as they canvassed.

Relational Organizing

→ AZ, GA, NV, OH, PA, WI

You might not answer a stranger’s knock on your door or pick up a call from an unknown number, but a message from a friend can cut through that noise. 

Relational organizing relies on voters called Community Mobilizers to act as trusted get-out-the-vote messengers in their own networks. They use an app that matches their contacts with the voter file, messaging the voters we most need to reach with reminders and follow-ups.

Modeled on a first-of-its-kind program by the 2020 Ossoff for Senate campaign, and building on our own 2021 pilot in Virginia, we recruited 3,053 Community Mobilizers who had 210,687 conversations with infrequent voters this cycle.

Competing Everywhere

Our work in the 2021–22 cycle touched 33 of the 50 states with one or more of our programs:

  • Distributed Organizing
  • Relational Organizing
  • Campaign Fellows
  • Postcards to Swing States and Turnout Mail

State-by-state results

Campaign Fellows

Building the Democratic bench

Our Campaign Fellows program, which embeds voter contact-focused staffers on state and federal campaigns, allows us to rally Democratic voters, support Democratic campaigns, and develop Democratic talent at the same time. When 2022 Fellows were not knocking doors, they received campaign training from PTP’s expert team, setting them up for future success.

Campaign Fellows placed, 2022

Federal 130
Arizona 38
Georgia 68
Iowa 48
Michigan 73
Minnesota 72
Nevada 26
New Hampshire 47
New Mexico 24
North Carolina 99
Ohio 94
Pennsylvania 99
South Carolina 9
Texas 45
Total 872

Fellows made a significant difference on state legislative campaigns, which are often short-staffed and without the resources to prioritize voter contact. Their outreach efforts helped in Democrats’ historic state-level 2022 gains throughout the US, and particularly across Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, where Democrats have either secured trifecta control or are on the cusp of flipping entire chambers.

Arizona Fellows, connecting one-on-one with voters, helped send a clear message for change we saw at the ballot box. We’ll build upon this to push progressive policies in-state.” — Andrés Cano, Democratic Leader, Arizona House of Representatives

Postcards & Mail

Delivering the vote

A turnout mailer

A Senate postcard design

More than 52,000 Postcards to Swing States volunteers sent 20.8 million handwritten postcards to voters across 26 states, and delivered more than 135,000 Neighborhood Letters throughout the 2022 election cycle. In addition, PTP piloted a new turnout mail initiative, sending more than 73 different pieces of personalized mail, focused on early vote, mail chase and other timely reminders, to almost 1 million voters across 14 Congressional districts in 11 states. Every one of these frontline Democrats won reelection.

On to 2024 ↓

As we move past the midterms and shift our attention to the the White House and a 2024 Congress, PTP is carefully developing voter contact strategies in the perennial battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

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Asset 1
Asset 12

Voters can be deluged with messages in Presidential elections, so we’ll remain laser focused on building early, strategic relationships with Democrats throughout the year, as well as testing new voter contact strategies through select 2023 state electoral cycles.