Proven programs

Our mission is to rally Democrats to vote — but that’s about more than just winning each election.

  • Data: Giving Democrats an edge in field with data, rigorously collected in the field and interpreted by experts
  • Training: Not letting that knowledge evaporate after Election Day, sharing best practices with campaigns, and make the case for direct voter contact
  • Innovation: Trying new tactics and messages to keep us on the frontier of field organizing, measuring what works, and making our programs as effective as possible per grassroots dollar

Beyond Field

Our field programs have increased voter turnout by up to 10.4%.

We’re also committed to updating the Democratic playbook and testing new ways to reach more voters that traditional canvassing can’t reach. That includes recruiting and training new organizers, funding grassroots voter contact groups, and empowering volunteers to write millions of postcards to swing state voters.

Our 2022 Roadmap

Our 2022 work will be focused on the states most critical to protecting and expanding the Democratic Senate majority. We’re excited to build on recent successes in direct voter contact with these expanded programs:

We’ll recruit Field Representatives to have one-on-one conversations with inconsistent Democratic voters in their own rural and exurban communities. These organizers will receive training in canvassing best practices and the tools they need to rally voters.

We’ll recruit, train, and pay up to 6,000 Community Mobilizers across 31 cities. This form of relational organizing relies on voters to act as trusted get-out-the-vote messengers within their own networks.

We’ll fund up to 1,000 Campaign Fellows who will work directly on state and federal campaigns. Adding just one staff member can make all the difference in a campaign’s capacity for direct voter contact.

We’ll provide grants of up to $250,000 each — and totaling at least $1 million — to organizations that are already doing voter contact work, and could use funding to expand their efforts in new and innovative ways.

Our volunteers — in all 50 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico — have sent more than 29 million handwritten postcards to voters. That’s more than any other organization, with millions more to be written for the 2022 elections.