Our 2020 Programs

In 2020, we prioritized field programs in the states Democrats needed to win the White House and Senate:

Our 2020 programs were our biggest ever: more than 1,200 staff on the ground, 53 million voter-contact attempts, 21.2 million handwritten postcards, and 4.3 billion digital ad impressions — totaling a $52.5 million investment.

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We also debuted two new volunteer programs, with more than 100,000 total volunteers making 5 million-plus phone calls through Turnout2020 and sending over 15 million handwritten postcards with our Postcards to Swing States program.

Proven programs

The program timeline for our field programs: Pre-launch training, initial contact in Phase 1, writing a vote plan in phase 2, and following up with a signed CTV in Phase 3.

We focus on meaningful voter contact because it works: on average, our field programs boosted turnout by an average of 10.4 percent.

Here’s how we make the biggest impact on voter turnout:

  • We use the latest predictive analytics to identify infrequent Democratic voters, weighting vote history, demographic information and other data to identify a voter’s likelihood to turn out and vote for Democrats.
  • We hire local teams who know the issues most important to their neighbors.
  • Our program is built around multiple, in-depth conversations with every voter.

    That means knocking on their door, hearing what’s most important to them, and following up to make sure they have what they need to make a plan and vote.

Our Field Work

Since our founding in 2015, Progressive Turnout Project has contacted over 57 million voters to help elect Democrats. Here’s the impact we had in 2018 alone:


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