To pave the way for Democratic success in 2020 by investing in early, on-the-ground activism that maintains an active presence in the community, seeks to uplift newly elected Democrats and hold Republicans accountable for their actions.

To date the Fellows Program has…

Recruited, trained, and mobilized 121 paid fellows in 50+ congressional districts.
Delivered 500,000+ petitions to members of Congress in support of H.R 1, For The People Act


What do we do? Turnout Fellows is a six-month Fellowship, that will help aspiring activists gain the skills they need to build a presence and network within their district and state. This Fellowship is unique because PTP wants Fellows to become more than just organizers, but to transform into leaders who will make a lasting change in the world!

How this Fellowship helps you make an impact? Fellows will become the eyes and ears for Progressive Turnout Project when in the district and will take action on issues like For The People Act, Green New Deal, Medicare For All by planning action events, mobilize people to take action within their districts and urge elected officials to do the right thing!



For more information — or if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and help us elect Democrats across the country in 2020.



Kyle Adams

Kyle is a Fellow from the great states of Missouri and Kansas. As an organizer, Kyle wishes to strengthen the bond between citizens with their political institutions by increasing voter turnout and engagement within the community. He believes that as individuals we do hold power, but we become powerful when we stand together for change.


Kelsey Fritz

Kelsey is a paralegal, activist, and political junkie who grew up in Des Moines, Iowa. Kelsey attended the University of Iowa, including a year spent teaching in Spain. Kelsey found herself horrified by the 2016 election and that’s when she prioritized and incorporated activism in her professional life. Since then, she’s worked with Indivisible and her local Democratic Party.


Anthony Prosapio

Anthony is a dedicated and engaged political activist from central New Jersey. He cares deeply about the welfare of his community and the people within it. Anthony hopes to raise awareness of the pertinent issues that affects us all, both locally and nationally, as a tool to make push positive change, together — not just the privileged.


Travis Suite

Travis lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. During the 2018 election season, he was a Lead Canvasser for PTP in CO-06. Travis is extremely excited to continue his work with Progressive Turnout Project, especially in a city that is becoming more progressive each year. In the 2020 cycle, Travis plans on focusing his energy towards promoting progressive issues like environmental protection, criminal justice reform, and voting rights.


Ivanna D’Alencon

Ivanna started her political work in 2016 on local elections, which led her to PTP in 2018. She started off as a Field Rep for PTP, but as a hard worker who empowers her team, she was quickly promoted to Canvass Lead. Ivanna hopes to inspire people in her community to vote during primary elections because she believes it can help change the system to truly represent all people. As a Fellow, Ivanna wants to mobilize her community to demand that elected officials pursue progressive policies.


Emily Faeth

Emily is from Wisconsin and has been an advocate for marginalized communities for as long as she can remember. She’s inspired by her mother, who has always told her that if you see someone in need and you are able to help, it’s your duty to do everything you can. She works with students in the hope that it will help create a more equitable future for everyone. Emily believes that by engaging with her community, she can help to elect progressive leaders who can ensure a brighter future for all.


Ryan Jones

Ryan was born and raised in central Ohio and is excited to have the opportunity to make a difference in his community. Ryan attended Ohio University for his bachelor’s degree in communications, then attended Michigan State University College of Law for his Juris Doctorate. Ryan has always had an interest in politics, but the 2016 election pushed him to do more. He started down that journey by becoming a Field Representative for PTP in Ohio during the 2018 midterms and hopes to continue the blue wave into 2020.


Angela Weiland

Angela is a midwest Dental Hygienist and divorced mother of two turned political activist. As a Dental Hygienist, she facilitated an Iowa Statewide Dental Sealant program in high poverty schools and it was those personal experiences with poverty that led her to seek answers to injustices in the world. Angela became politically active as a way to encourage her family, patients, and neighbors to participate in democracy because she believes that without participation, change can’t occur.


Vanessa Collins

Vanessa graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a B.S. in healthcare administration and a minor in sociology & psychology. Vanessa has worked with Naral Pro-Choice America, RMVO and League of Conservation Voters, where she got her start in politics as a canvasser. She worked her way up to Regional Field Director in 2016 for the Clinton/Cortez-Masto Campaign in Nevada, and in 2018 was a District Director for PTP in NV-03. Her passion for progressive politics comes from being a Christian and a mother. She believes if so called “Conservative Republicans” loved others without bias, how the Bible says, there would be less hate and more equality.