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2021–22 Campaign Fellows placed:

State races Federal races Both

Campaign Fellows in 2021–22

Our Campaign Fellows program, which embeds voter contact-focused staffers on state and federal campaigns, allows us to rally Democratic voters, support Democratic campaigns, and develop Democratic talent at the same time.

Our Fellows program started as a way to directly support campaigns with a paid staff member dedicated to voter contact. Adding just one full-time staff member can make all the difference, especially in the out-of-the-spotlight races Democrats need to win. Historically, our endorsements included funding for Fellows, with PTP paying their salaries and supporting their work with a dedicated team.

Our first Fellows program in 2018 funded 104 Fellows on 52 Democratic congressional campaigns. In 2021–22, we expanded our Campaign Fellows program into state legislative races for the first time, placing 1,040 Fellows on state and federal races:

Campaign Fellows Placed, 2021–22

Federal 130

Arizona 38

Georgia 68

Iowa 48

Michigan 73

Minnesota 72

Nevada 26

New Hampshire 47

New Jersey 70

New Mexico 25

North Carolina 99

Ohio 94

Pennsylvania 99

South Carolina 9

Texas 45

Virginia 97

Total 1,040

Our Fellows Advisory Board


In 2022, our Campaign Fellows made a significant difference on state legislative campaigns, which are often short-staffed and without the resources to prioritize voter contact. 

Their outreach efforts powered Democrats’ historic state-level gains throughout the U.S., and particularly across Michigan (73 Fellows), Minnesota (72 Fellows), Arizona (38 Fellows), New Hampshire (47 Fellows) and Pennsylvania (99 Fellows), where Democrats have either secured trifecta control or are on the cusp of flipping entire chambers.

Chambers Flipped

Democrats now have trifecta control in Michigan and Minnesota — after taking back control of the Michigan Senate for the first time in 39 years.

To help shape these programs — and ensure we’re building a strong class of Democratic organizers — we brought on a Fellows Advisory Board made up of state legislators with firsthand experience in direct voter contact.

Our Fellows’ Stories

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