In 2021, we were proud to endorse these candidates for office in Virginia, New Jersey, and special elections. In addition, we pitched in to stop the Republican recall in California, with Progressive Turnout Project and our supporters collectively contributing more than $150,000  — and volunteer shifts — to Gov. Newsom’s successful campaign.


In the 2021 elections in Virginia, we endorsed Terry McAuliffe for Governor, Hala Ayala for Lieutenant Governor, Mark Herring for Attorney General, and 70 candidates for the House of Delegates. We’re also investing $330,000 in our Virginia Turnout Fellows Program.

  • Governor, Terry McAuliffe
  • Lieutenant Governor, Hala Ayala
  • Attorney General, Mark Herring
  • HD-02, Candi King
  • HD-05, Mathew Matsunga
  • HD-07, Derek Kitts
  • HD-08, Dustin Wimbish
  • HD-09, Bridgette Craighead
  • HD-10, Wendy Gooditis
  • HD-11, Sam Rasoul
  • HD-12, Chris Hurst
  • HD-13, Danica Roem
  • HD-14, Sarah Rhett Deitz
  • HD-16, Chance Trevillian
  • HD-18, Douglas Ward
  • HD-20, Randall Wolf
  • HD-21, Kelly Convirs-Fowler
  • HD-25, Jennifer Kitchen
  • HD-26, William “Bill” Helsley
  • HD-27, Debra Gardner
  • HD-28, Joshua Cole
  • HD-29, Delmara Bayliss
  • HD-30, Annette Hyde
  • HD-31, Elizabeth Guzman
  • HD-32, David Reid
  • HD-33, Paul Siker
  • HD-34, Kathleen Murphy
  • HD-35, Mark Keam
  • HD-36, Kenneth “Ken” Plum
  • HD-38, Kaye Kory
  • HD-39, Vivian Watts
  • HD-40, Dan Helmer
  • HD-42, Kathy Tran
  • HD-44, Paul Krizek
  • HD-45, Elizabeth Bennett-Parker
  • HD-47, Patrick Hope
  • HD-48, Richard “Rip” Sullivan
  • HD-49, Alfonso Lopez
  • HD-50, Michelle Lopes-Maldonado
  • HD-51, Briana Sewell
  • HD-53, Marcus Simon
  • HD-55, Rachel Levy
  • HD-56, Blakely Lockhart
  • HD-57, Sally Hudson
  • HD-58, Sara Ratcliffe
  • HD-59, Ben Moses
  • HD-62, Jasmine Gore
  • HD-63, Lashrecse Aird
  • HD-65, Caitlin Coakley
  • HD-66, Katie Sponsler
  • HD-67, Karrie Delaney
  • HD-68, Dawn Adams
  • HD-69, Betsy Carr
  • HD-70, Delores McQuinn
  • HD-71, Jeff Bourne
  • HD-72, Schuyler Van Valkenburg
  • HD-73, Rodney Willett
  • HD-76, Clinton “Clint” Jenkins
  • HD-79, Nadarius Clark
  • HD-80, Don Scott
  • HD-81, Dr Jeffrey “Doc” Feld
  • HD-83, Nancy Guy
  • HD-84, Kim Melnyk
  • HD-85, Alex Askew
  • HD-86, Irene Shin
  • HD-87, Suhas Subramanyam
  • HD-90, Angelia Williams Graves
  • HD-91, Martha Mugler
  • HD-92, Jeion Ward
  • HD-93, Michael Mullin
  • HD-94, Shelly Simonds
  • HD-95, Marcia “Cia” Price
  • HD-96, Mark Downey
  • HD-98, E.B. “Ella” Webster
  • HD-100, Finale Norton


In New Jersey, we proudly endorsed Gov. Phil Murphy for reelection and 56 down ballot candidates. We’re also investing $610,000 in our New Jersey Turnout Fellows Program.

  • District 01: Yolanda Garcia Balicki for Senate, and Christopher Wilson & John Capizola for Assembly
  • District 02: Vince Mazzeo for Senate, and Caren Fitzpatrick & John Armato for Assembly 
  • District 08: Dawn Addiego for Senate, and Allison Eckel & Mark Natale for Assembly
  • District 10: Emma Mammano for Senate, and Mary “Sharon” Quilter & Garitt “Tony” Kono for Assembly
  • District 11: Vin Gopal for Senate, and Eric Houghtaling & Joann Downey for Assembly
  • District 13: Vincent Solomeno III for Senate, and Allison Friedman & Erin Howard for Assembly
  • District 14: Linda Greenstein for Senate, and Daniel Benson & Wayne DeAngelo for Assembly
  • District 15: Shirley Turner for Senate, and Anthony Verrelli for Assembly
  • District 16: Andrew Zwicker for Senate, and Sadaf Jaffer & Roy Freiman for Assembly
  • District 21: Joseph Signorello for Senate, and Elizabeth Graner & Anjali Mehrotra for Assembly
  • District 23: Denise King for Senate, and Hope Kaufman & Nicholas LaBelle for Assembly
  • District 24: Scott Fadden for Assembly
  • District 25: Jeff Grayzel for Senate, and Lauren Barnett & Patricia Veres for Assembly
  • District 26: Christine Clarke for Senate, and Pamela Fadden & Melissa Brown Blaeuer for Assembly
  • District 27: John McKeon & Mila Jasey for Assembly
  • District 30: Dan Stinger for Senate, and Matt Filosa & Stephen Dobbins for Assembly
  • District 34: Britnee Timberlake for Assembly
  • District 35: Shavonda Sumter & Benjie Wimberly for Assembly
  • District 36: Clinton Calabrese for Assembly
  • District 38: Joseph Lagana for Senate, and Lisa Swain & P. Christopher Tully for Assembly 
  • District 39: Ruth Dugan for Senate, and Karlito Almeda & Melinda Iannuzzi for Assembly
  • District 40: Michael Sedon for Senate, and Nicole McNamara & Genevieve Allard for Assembly


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Allison Russo
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