Progressive Turnout Project Endorses 100 Legislative Candidates in Georgia

National group endorses robust slate as part of effort to rally Democrats to vote

For Immediate Release
August 3, 2022 

CHICAGO–Progressive Turnout Project is proud to announce the endorsement of 100 candidates for the Georgia General Assembly who are essential to gaining Democratic seats and standing up against Republicans’ extreme agenda for the state.

“All eyes are on Georgia as we head into the general election this November,” said House Minority Leader James Beverly. “Our state was the most important state in the 2020 elections and our nation is still counting on us to hold the U.S. Senate majority and show that despite Republican voter suppression, we will prevail at the state level, expand Medicaid and defend against attacks on reproductive healthcare. Republicans have no agenda to help working Georgians. They have already banned honest conversations about race in the classroom and passed senseless gun laws that fail to protect the health and safety of the people of this great state.”

“Georgia House Democrats represent the rising political power of the new American electorate in Georgia,” added House Minority Chair Billy Mitchell. “African Americans, young people, the largest number of women of color elected to any chamber, and diverse communities of color make up the coalition that will win Georgia, and membership of the Caucus itself. The team at Progressive Turnout Project has been a great partner in this fight as House Democrats build a progressive program from now until November to make sure that Stacey Abrams has the legislative support she needs to govern Georgia for all people.”

In addition to the organization’s endorsements, PTP will bring an investment of up to $400,000 to the Democratic House and Senate legislative leadership committees as part of PTP’s Campaign Fellows program. Fellows will be paid staff members dedicated to voter contact. Adding these additional staff members can make all the difference, especially in state legislative races, which typically see less attention.

“The Progressive Turnout Project’s Fellows Program has the capacity to place thousands of Fellows in races across our country,” said State Representative Bee Nguyen. “The impact and scale of this kind of program that grows the next generation of political staff while also boosting voter turnout is the kind of innovation we need to elect leaders who will protect us against the rise of anti-democratic lawmakers who do not act in the best interest of voters.” Representative Nguyen is a member of Progressive Turnout Project’s Fellows Advisory Board.

This kind of direct voter contact is how elections are won—and PTP is thrilled to offer this level of support to Georgia Democrats.

Progressive Turnout Project is investing over $5 million to elect Democrats in state legislatures across the country to combat Republican attempts at undermining the future of our communities.

PTP’s full list of endorsements is included below and can be found on its website:

State Senate: 

Derek Mallow (SD02)
Sheikh Rahman (SD05)
Jason Esteves (SD06)
Nabilah Islam (SD07)
Nikki Strickland-Merritt (SD09)
Emanuel Jones (SD10)
Josh McLaurin (SD14)
Kacy Morgan (SD17)
Christopher Benton (SD18)
Harold Jones (SD22)
Sylvia Bennett (SD32)
Michael “Doc” Rhett (SD33)
Nan Orrock (SD36)
Sonya Halpern (SD39)
Sally Harrell (SD40)
Elena Parent (SD42)
Tonya Anderson (SD43)
Matielyn Jones (SD45)
Conolus Scott (SD47)
Josh Uddin (SD48)
Gloria Butler (SD55)
Patrick Thompson (SD56)

State House of Representatives:

RJ Coyle (HD19)
Craig Meyer (HD25)
Devin Pandy (HD29)
Kim Floria (HD30)
Dorothy Coker (HD34)
Lisa Campbell (HD35)
Mary Frances Williams (HD37)
David Lawrence Wilkerson (HD38)
William Stoner (HD40)
Teri Anulewicz (HD42)
Solomon Adesanya (HD43)
Willie Oyogoa (HD44)
James McCormick (HD45)
Micheal Garza (HD46)
Mary Robichaux (HD48)
Peggy Gillen (HD49)
Michelle Au (HD50)
Esther Panitch (HD51)
Shea Roberts (HD52)
Kelly Coffman (HD53)
Elizabeth Stuart Holland (HD54)
Inga Willis (HD55)
Mesha Mainor (HD56)
Stacey Evans (HD57)
Park Elizabeth Cannon (HD58)
Sheila Jones (HD60)
Roger Bruce (HD61)
Tanya Miller (HD62)
Kim Schofield (HD63)
Mandisha Thomas (HD65)
Lydia Glaize (HD67)
Letitia “Tish” Naghise (HD68)
Debra Jones-Bazemore (HD69)
Calvin Anderson (HD70)
William Harris (HD74)
Sandra Scott (HD76)
Rhonda Burnough (HD77)
Yasmin Neal (HD79)
Long Xuan Tran (HD80)
Mary Oliver (HD82)
Karen Lupton (HD83)
Omari Crawford (HD84)
Karla Drenner (HD85)
Billy Mitchell (HD88)
Angela Moore (HD91)
Rhonda Taylor (HD92)
Doreen Carter (HD93)
Pedro Marin (HD96)
Ruwa Romman (HD97)
Om Duggal (HD99)
Louisa Shell Jackson (HD100)
Gregg Kennard (HD101)
Gabriel Okoye (HD102)
Ernie Anaya (HD103)
Patrick Reinert (HD104)
Farooq Mughal (HD105)
Shelly Hutchinson (HD106)
Jasmine Clark (HD108)
Segun Adeyina (HD110)
Ryan Cox (HD111)
Regina Lewis-Ward (HD115)
El-Mahdi Holly (HD116)
Mokah Jasmine Johnson (HD120)
Jeff Auerbach (HD121)
Kat Howkins (HD124)
Lynn Gladney (HD130)
Hoganne Harrison-Walton (HD133)
James Beverly (HD143)
Ariel Phillips (HD147)
Joyce Barlow (HD151)
John Hayes (HD154)
Lethia Kittrell (HD156)
Madeline Ryan Smith (HD158)
Margo Barbee (HD161)
Anne Westbrook (HD163)
Marcus Thompson (HD164)
Micky Brockington (HD169)
Keith Jenkins, Sr. (HD173)


Progressive Turnout Project is the largest voter contact organization in the country, specifically dedicated to mobilizing the Democratic Party and defending democracy. Our mission: Rally Democrats to Vote. Since 2015, our trained field staff, fellows, and volunteers have made more than 59 million voter contact attempts across 39 states. PTP is grassroots funded, with more than 2.3 million unique donors and an average contribution of $19.13.