Progressive Turnout Project Endorses 103 Legislative Candidates in North Carolina

National group endorses robust slate eligible for up to $400,000 staff investment as part of effort to rally Democrats to vote

For Immediate Release
August 3, 2022

CHICAGO–Progressive Turnout Project proudly announces the endorsement of 103 state legislative candidates across North Carolina. These candidates are essential to gaining Democratic seats and supporting Governor Cooper as he stands up against Republicans’ extreme agenda for the state.

These endorsed candidates will be eligible to participate in Progressive Turnout Project’s Campaign Fellows Program, which will bring an investment of up to $400,000 to selected North Carolina candidates by directly supporting campaigns with a paid staff member dedicated to voter contact. Adding just one full-time staff member can make all the difference, especially in state legislative races, which typically see less attention.

“North Carolina is consistently on the map because of our competitive elections,” said State Representative Ashton Clemmons. “Progressive Turnout Project’s Fellows Program will provide legislative campaigns across this state with a needed advantage through added direct voter contact efforts.” Representative Clemmons is a member of Progressive Turnout Project’s Fellows Advisory Board.

This kind of direct voter contact is how elections are won—and PTP is thrilled to offer this level of support to North Carolina Democrats.

“The Dobbs decision has changed the landscape of this election year. Make no mistake, abortion access and bodily autonomy are on the ballot in November,” said Senate Democratic Leader Dan Blue. “State legislatures are the last line of defense against the elimination of abortion in this country. Here in North Carolina, we are just two seats away in the Senate and three in the House from sliding back into the super minority, rendering Governor Cooper’s veto unsustainable and ensuring that Republicans outlaw abortion in the state. We simply cannot allow that to happen. Democrats in the State Senate are committed to maintaining our seats, sustaining vetoes, and protecting women’s rights to their reproductive healthcare decisions.”

Progressive Turnout Project is investing over $5 million to elect Democrats in state legislatures across the country to combat Republican attempts at undermining the future of our communities.

PTP’s full list of endorsements is included below and can be found on its website:

State Senate: 

  • Valerie Jordan (SD03)
  • Milton Toby Fitch (SD04)
  • Kandie Smith (SD05)
  • Marcia Morgan (SD07)
  • Gettys Cohen (SD10)
  • Mark Speed (SD11)
  • Lisa Grafstein (SD13)
  • Dan Blue (SD14)
  • Jay Chaudhuri (SD15)
  • Gale Adcock (SD16)
  • Sydney Batch (SD17)
  • Mary Wills Bode (SD18)
  • Val Applewhite (SD19)
  • Natalie S. Murdock (SD20)
  • Frank McNeill (SD21)
  • Mike Woodard (SD22)
  • Graig R. Meyer (SD23)
  • Darrel Gibson (SD24)
  • Sean C. Ewing (SD25)
  • Michael Garrett (SD27)
  • Paul Lowe (SD32)
  • Tangela Morgan (SD33)
  • Keshia Sandidge (SD34)
  • Mujtaba Mohammed (SD38)
  • DeAndrea Salvador (SD39)
  • Joyce Waddell (SD40)
  • Natasha Marcus (SD41)
  • Rachel Hunt (SD42)
  • Billy Martin (SD46)
  • Julie Mayfield (SD49)
  • Karen Burnette McCracken (SD50)

State House of Representatives: 

  • Ray Jeffers (HD02)
  • Howard Hunter III (HD05)
  • Brian Farkas (HD09)
  • Allison A. Dahle (HD11)
  • Lillie Williams (HD12)
  • Katie Tomberlin (HD13)
  • Christopher Schulte (HD15)
  • Eric Terashima (HD17)
  • Deb Butler (HD18)
  • Amy Block DeLoach (HD20)
  • Ya Liu (HD21)
  • Linda Cooper-Suggs (HD24)
  • James D. Gailliard (HD25)
  • Michael H. Wray (HD27)
  • Wendy Ella May (HD28)
  • Vernetta Alston (HD29)
  • Marcia Morey (HD30)
  • Zack Hawkins (HD31)
  • Terry Garrison (HD32)
  • Rosa U. Gill (HD33)
  • Tim Longest (HD34)
  • Terence Everitt (HD35)
  • Julie von Haefen (HD36)
  • Christine Kelly (HD37)
  • James A. Roberson (HD39)
  • Joe John (HD40)
  • Maria Cervania (HD41)
  • Marvin W. Lucas (HD42)
  • Charles Smith (HD44)
  • Frances Jackson (HD45)
  • Garland E. Pierce (HD48)
  • Cynthia Ball (HD49)
  • Renee Price (HD50)
  • Malcolm Hall (HD51)
  • Robert T. Reives (HD54)
  • Allen Buansi (HD56)
  • Ashton Clemmons (HD57)
  • Amos Quick (HD58)
  • Mary Price “Pricey” Harrison (HD61)
  • Brandon Gray (HD62)
  • Ricky Hurtado (HD63)
  • Ron Osborne (HD64)
  • Jay Donecker (HD65)
  • Sarah Crawford (HD66)
  • Leigh Coulter (HD69)
  • Susan Scott (HD70)
  • Kanika Brown (HD71)
  • Amber M. Baker (HD72)
  • Diamond Staton-Williams (HD73)
  • Carla Catalan Day (HD74)
  • Erik Davis (HD78)
  • Dennis S. Miller (HD80)
  • Mary Belk (HD88)
  • Terry Brown (HD92)
  • Ben Massey (HD93)
  • Christy Clark (HD98)
  • Nasif Majeed (HD99)
  • John Autry (HD100)
  • Carolyn G. Logan (HD101)
  • Becky Carney (HD102)
  • Laura Budd (HD103)
  • Brandon Lofton (HD104)
  • Wesley Harris (HD105)
  • Carla Cunningham (HD106)
  • Kelly Alexander (HD107)
  • Tricia Cotham (HD112)
  • J. Eric Ager (HD114)
  • Lindsey Prather (HD115)
  • Caleb Rudow (HD116)
  • Michael Greer O’Shea (HD117)
  • Josh Remillard (HD118)
  • Al Platt (HD119)


Progressive Turnout Project is the largest voter contact organization in the country, specifically dedicated to mobilizing the Democratic Party and defending democracy. Our mission: Rally Democrats to Vote. Since 2015, our trained field staff, fellows, and volunteers have made more than 59 million voter contact attempts across 39 states. PTP is grassroots funded, with more than 2.3 million unique donors and an average contribution of $19.13.