Progressive Turnout Project Endorses 78 Legislative Candidates in Ohio

National group endorses robust slate eligible for up to $325,000 staff investment as part of effort to rally Democrats to vote

For Immediate Release
August 4, 2022

CHICAGO–Progressive Turnout Project is proud to announce the endorsement of 78 candidates for the Ohio state legislature who are essential to gaining Democratic seats and standing up against Republicans’ extreme agenda for the state.

These endorsed candidates will be eligible to participate in Progressive Turnout Project’s Campaign Fellows Program, which will bring an investment of up to $325,000 to selected Ohio candidates by directly supporting campaigns with a paid staff member dedicated to voter contact. Adding just one full-time staff member can make all the difference, especially in state legislative races, which typically see less attention.

“Here in Ohio we know the value of having an aggressive ground game–it’s how I won my first election and how we will continue to win,” said Representative Casey Weinstein. “PTP’s investment in state legislative races through Campaign Fellows shows their commitment to both down ballot candidates and to building the political pipeline for the next generation of organizers as we fight to win back our state.” Representative Weinstein is a member of Progressive Turnout Project’s Fellows Advisory Board.

This kind of direct voter contact is how elections are won—and PTP is thrilled to offer this level of support to Ohio Democrats.

“We are thrilled to have the support of Progressive Turnout Project here in Ohio, and we look forward to working with them to compete in key races across the state,” said House Democratic Leader Allison Russo. “PTP understands that protecting our democracy, supporting working families, and keeping our communities safe begins and ends in our state houses. With PTP’s investment, we will have essential boots on the ground knocking on doors, sharing information about our great candidates, and encouraging voters to reject the MAGA Republican extremism plaguing Ohio’s state government.”

“This year, elections have been chaotic and confusing,” said State Senator Nickie Antonio. “That’s why it’s important that we talk to the millions of people who plan to vote this year. The Progressive Turnout Project is helping us communicate directly with voters and making sure they know how to vote and where candidates stand on the issues.”

Progressive Turnout Project is investing over $5 million to elect Democrats in state legislatures across the country to combat Republican attempts at undermining the future of our communities.

PTP’s full list of endorsements is included below and can be found on its website:

State Senate Candidates:

  • Tina Maharath (SD-03)
  • Catherine Ingram (SD-09)
  • Paula Hicks-Hudson (SD-11)
  • Hearcel Craig (SD-15)
  • Heather Swinger (SD-19)
  • Nickie Antonio (SD-23)
  • Patricia Goetz (SD-27)
  • Robert Hagan (SD-33)

State House Candidates:

  • Dontavius Jarrells (HD-01)
  • Latyna Humphery (HD-02)
  • Ismail Mohamed (HD-03)
  • Mary Lightbody (HD-04)
  • Richard Brown (HD-05)
  • Adam Miller (HD-06)
  • Allison Russo (HD-07)
  • Beth Liston (HD-08)
  • Munira Abdullahi (HD-09)
  • Russ Harris (HD-10)
  • Anita Somani (HD-11)
  • Mike Skindell (HD-13)
  • Sean Brennan (HD-14)
  • Richard Dell’Aquilla (HD-15)
  • Bride Rose Sweeney (HD-16) 
  • Troy Greenfield (HD-17)
  • Phil Robinson (HD-19)
  • Terrence Upchurch (HD-20)
  • Elliot Forhan (HD-21)
  • Juanita Brent (HD-22)
  • Dan Troy (HD-23)
  • Dani Isaacson (HD-24)
  • Cecil Thomas (HD-25)
  • Rachel Baker (HD-27)
  • Jessica Miranda (HD-28)
  • Alissa Mayhaus (HD-30)
  • Rita Darrow (HD-31) 
  • Matt Shaughnessy (HD-32)
  • Tavia Galonski (HD-33)
  • Casey Weinstein (HD-34)
  • Addison Caruso (HD-36)
  • Wills Blackshear Jr. (HD-38)
  • Leronda  Jackson (HD-39)
  • Amy Cox (HD-40)
  • Nancy Larson (HD-41) 
  • Erika White (HD-42)
  • Michelle Grim (HD-43)
  • Elgin Rogers (HD-44)
  • Chuck Horn (HD-45)
  • Larry Mulligan (HD-46)
  • Samuel Lawrence (HD-47)
  • Thomas West (HD-49)
  • Regan Phillips (HD-52)
  • Joe Miller (HD-53)
  • Bryan Burgess (HD-54)
  • Paul Zorn (HD-55)
  • Joy Bennet (HD-56)
  • Evan Rosborough (HD-57)
  • Bruce Neff (HD-58)
  • Lauren McNally (HD-59)
  • Louise Valentine (HD-61) 
  • Brian Flick (HD-62)
  • Vicent Peterson (HD-64)
  • Charlotte Owens (HD-69)
  • Eric Price (HD-70) 
  • Kathleen Clyde (HD-72)
  • Jan Marterni (HD-75)
  • Mark Gooch (HD-77) 
  • Taylor Eastham (HD-79)
  • Magdalene Markward (HD-82)
  • Claire Osbourne (HD-83)
  • Sophia Rodreiguez (HD-84)
  • Barbara Luke (HD-86)
  • Dianne Selvy (HD-88)
  • Jim Obergerfell (HD-89)
  • Andrew Dodson (HD-90)
  • Tanya Conrath (HD-94)
  • William Ryan (HD-95)


Progressive Turnout Project is the largest voter contact organization in the country, specifically dedicated to mobilizing the Democratic Party and defending democracy. Our mission: Rally Democrats to Vote. Since 2015, our trained field staff, fellows, and volunteers have made more than 59 million voter contact attempts across 39 states. PTP is grassroots funded, with more than 2.3 million unique donors and an average contribution of $19.13.