Progressive Turnout Project Endorses 58 Wisconsin Legislative Candidates

National group endorses robust slate as part of effort to rally Democrats to vote

For Immediate Release
August 10, 2022

CHICAGO–Progressive Turnout Project is proud to announce the endorsement of 58 candidates for the Wisconsin State Assembly who are essential to gaining Democratic seats and standing up against Republicans’ extreme agenda. As critical issues like abortion and gun safety are punted from the federal to state level, the national voter contact organization is jumping in to support legislative candidates in battleground states. In Wisconsin, PTP is joining the fight to keep Republicans from obtaining a veto-proof majority in Madison.

“For too long, state legislative races have been ignored by national organizations, and the result has been extreme Republican gerrymandering at the expense of fair representation,” said PTP Executive Director Alex Morgan. “This year, Wisconsinites have a great slate of Democratic candidates and we’re proud to have their backs.”

PTP is investing over $5 million to elect Democrats in state legislatures across the country to combat Republican attempts at undermining the future of our communities. PTP’s full list of endorsements is included below and can be found on its website:

State Senate Candidates

  • Andrea Gage-Michaels (SD-01)
  • Tim Carpenter (SD-03)
  • Jessica Katzenmeyer (SD-05) 
  • Chris Larson (SD-07)
  • Steven Doelder (SD-11)
  • Mark Spreitzer (SD-15)
  • Pat Skogen (SD-17)
  • Kristin Alfheim (SD-19)
  • Kelly Westlund (SD-25)
  • Dianne Hasselbein (SD-27)
  • Bob Look (SD-29)
  • Jeff Smith (SD-31)

State Assembly Candidates

  • Roberta Thelen (AD-01)
  • Renee Gasch (AD-02)
  • Joseph Van Deurzen (AD-05)
  • Sarah Harrison (AD-13)
  • Robin Vining (AD-14)
  • Nathan Jurowski (AD-21) 
  • Deb Andraca (AD-23)
  • Bob Tatterson (AD-24)
    Sarah Yacoub (AD-30)
  • Brienne Brown (AD-31)
  • Don Vruwink (AD-33)
  • Eileen Daniel (AD-34)
  • Maureen McCarville (AD-37)
  • Jenna Jacobson (AD-43) 
  • Sue Conley (AD-44)
  • Clinton Anderson (AD-45) 
  • Melissa Ratcliff (AD-46) 
  • Jimmy Anderson (AD-47)
  • Michael Leuth (AD-50)
  • Leah Spicer (AD-51)
  • Lori Palmeri (AD-54)
  • Stefanie Holt (AD-55)
  • Patrick Hayden (AD-56)
  • Lee Snodgrass (AD-57)
  • Anthony Hammes (AD-62)
  • Tip McGuire (AD-64)
  • Greta Neubauer (AD-66)
  • Katrina Shankland (AD-71)
  • Laura Gapske (AD-73)
  • John Adams (AD-74) 
  • Francesca Hong (AD-76)
  • Shelia Stubbs (AD-77)
  • Lisa Subeck (AD-78)
  • Alex Joers (AD-79)
  • Mike Bare (AD-80)
  • David Considine (AD-81)
  • Deborah Davis (AD-82)
  • Kristin Conway (AD-85)
  • Elizabeth Riley (AD-87)
  • Hannah Beauchamp-Pope (AD-88)
  • Kristina Shelton (AD-90)
  • Jodi Emerson (AD-91)
  • Steve Doyle (AD-94)
  • Jill Billings (AD-95)
  • Jayne Marie Swiggum (AD-96)
  • Christina Barry (AD-98)


Progressive Turnout Project is the largest voter contact organization in the country, specifically dedicated to mobilizing the Democratic Party and defending democracy. Our mission: Rally Democrats to Vote. Since 2015, our trained field staff, fellows, and volunteers have made more than 59 million voter contact attempts across 39 states. PTP is grassroots funded, with more than 2.3 million unique donors and an average contribution of $19.13.