Progressive Turnout Project Condemns Jeff Van Drew’s Party Switch

CONTACT: Shannon Faulise | [email protected] | 312.380.1737

Progressive Turnout Project Condemns Jeff Van Drew’s Party Switch
Executive Director Alex Morgan released the following statement:

“Jeff Van Drew’s party switch is meant to benefit nobody other than Jeff Van Drew. Democratic, Republican, and Independent voters will see through this personally-motivated stunt and show Van Drew the door in 2020.

“Van Drew saw the writing on the wall as his opposition to even opening an investigation to Donald Trump’s illegal activities with Ukraine cost him the support of local and state Democratic parties as well as constituency groups like Progressive Turnout Project.

“Unfortunately for Van Drew, party switchers don’t often find success with voters. Ten years ago, Parker Griffith and Arlen Specter left their respective parties only to lose in the primaries. Voters will prove Van Drew is no different when they go to vote next year.

“Progressive Turnout Project looks forward to speaking with local leaders and prospective candidates like Brigid Harrison to provide them with whatever support they need to defeat Jeff Van Drew next November.”


Progressive Turnout Project is a grassroots-funded political action committee with a single mission: get Democrats to the polls. PTP designs, tests, and executes specialized voter-turnout programs targeting inconsistent Democratic voters in the most competitive elections across the country.

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