Progressive Turnout Project Launches Billboard Campaign Against Paul Ryan

February 21, 2018
Priyal Amin;

Progressive Turnout Project Launches Three-Billboards Style Campaign Against Paul Ryan  
Organization highlights Speaker’s inaction on gun reform in Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district

JANESVILLE — Progressive Turnout Project has launched a billboard campaign in Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district targeting Paul Ryan after his repeated refusal to pass common-sense gun reform. This comes after last week’s tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida, the eighteenth school shooting in 2018.
The organization put up a digital billboard message near Ryan’s Janesville congressional office. The message reads as follows: 17 killed in their classrooms; Still no gun reform?; How come, Paul Ryan?

“Gun violence is an epidemic in this country and as Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan has repeatedly done nothing to address it,” said Founder Harry Pascal
The idea for the billboard plays off of the Oscar-nominated film, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” about a grieving mother who rents billboard ads to call attention to her daughter’s unsolved murder. 
“Rather than addressing the millions of Americans who are demanding action on gun reform, Paul Ryan and Republicans in Congress continue to serve at the will of the NRA and put campaign contributions before the lives of Americans,” said Pascal. “It’s time we call attention to that and hold them accountable for their actions.”
In the 2016 election cycle, Ryan received an A+ rating and an endorsement from the National Rifle Association. In 2018, Progressive Turnout Project will spend more than $10 million on field programs in competitive congressional races to defeat NRA-backed Republicans.


Progressive Turnout Project is a grassroots-funded Political Action Committee with a single mission: get Democrats to the polls. PTP designs, tests, and executes specialized voter-turnout programs targeting inconsistent Democratic voters in the most competitive districts across the country. Since its inception in 2015, the organization raised more than $14 million with a supporter base of over 2.6 million and invested in voter-turnout programs in 23 congressional races and 17 state legislative races, including 10 Virginia House of Delegate races 2017.