Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang: Progressive Turnout Project

On July 27th, Progressive Turnout Project Executive Director Alex Morgan sat down for a conversation with John Fugelsang to talk about Progressive Turnout Project (PTP) and the 2020 cycle. Fugelsang and Morgan discussed what makes PTP unique compared to other organizations, how the organization determines who an inconsistent voter is and how to reach them, what’s on voters’ minds this cycle, and what gives Morgan hope during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Voters need to hear from a real person, especially now that people are getting less and less in-person interaction,” said Morgan. “It’s all about asking basic questions like, what motivates you to get out and vote? What issues do you care about? And then linking it back to the candidates we’re supporting and how they’ll be there for voters in Congress.”

Listen to the full interview online.

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