Washington Times: Progressive group unveils $400K ad campaign on impeachment against 5 GOP senators

The Progressive Turnout Project has launched a $400,000 digital ad campaign targeting incumbent GOP senators in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maine and North Carolina.

The ads are part of PTP’s “Stop Republicans” campaign aimed at raising funds for the voter turnout efforts of Democrats challenging Sens. Martha McSally, Cory Gardner, Joni Ernst, Susan Collins and Thom Tillis. The group’s previous pro-impeachment ads yielded $500,000 for its cause.

“Our ads have a simple message for Senate Republicans — if you refuse to do your job, then voters will do theirs and vote you out in November,” said Alex Morgan, PTP executive director, in a statement. “By doing and saying anything to cover up Donald Trump’s crimes, Senate Republicans are ensuring impeachment will be a top motivating issue for infrequent voters sick of D.C. corruption.”

PTP has previously pledged to spend $45 million on its ground game to expand the Democratic base in 16 battleground states while eschewing spending money on television ads and direct mail efforts. The progressive group’s new campaign will run primarily on Facebook and Google and aims to expand the 3.5 million supporters it already counts in its ranks.

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